Newtown Primary School Week Of Activities

The Newtown Primary School will come alive this week, as it is hosting a week of activities for the school’s Literacy Festival which began on Monday March 26th.


A teacher at the school Miss Royette Celaire says, reading is very important and children need to do a lot more reading.


The week of activities will feature reading competitions among the students of the various sports houses at the school, and also reading competitions involving the juniors which comprises of grade 3 and 4 and senior section which is grade 5 and 6.


Wednesday will feature the teachers and students engaging in two literacy activities; Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) and Drop Everything and Write (DEAW), while on Thursday will have an exhibition showcasing the students’ and teachers’ work among other activities planned for that day.

Miss Celaire says it is the hope that at the end of this Literacy Week the students will be more involved in reading which will improve the literacy at the school, and also for the parents to be more involved in their children’s reading, not only at home but at school as well.


She went on to say that both the children and teachers are very excited about the Literacy Week, as they have put in a lot of time into preparations for the educational event.


Miss Celaire also said reading is a very important aspect in our everyday lives, especially for young children growing up since it starts the sparks for future careers and professions.


Each day’s activities will commence at 8:30am at the school’s compound.

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