Night-landing supported by Dominicans

While many continue to argue that Dominica may not be ready for night-landing, Fitzroy Dorsette, a taxi driver from Marigot said that Dominica is ready as he welcomes the initiative.


Just two days ago officials from the Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority tested the runway, giving Dominica thumbs up in terms of their preparedness for night-landing at the Melville Hall Airport.


Mr Dorsette told SAT TV news that with the implementation of night-landing, there will be an increase in the flow of traffic at the airport, which in turn will boost revenue for taxi drivers like himself.


“Personally, it’s a nice thing for me because I am a taxi driver so night landing is more business, but for Dominica on a whole, I think it’s a new era….” said Dorsette.


Genna Robinson, who is a pilot, said that this gesture compliments the list of countries currently facilitating night-landing in the Caribbean. He assured Dominicans that night-landing at the Airport is safe, since the pilots have immense experience in that field.


“As they say it’s the new level and we have to take it and run with it…it’s about time. And it is pretty safe, nobody should be afraid of coming in here at night because the pilots do it all over the Caribbean, we are just adding Dominica to the list,” said Robinson.


Chief Executive Officer of the Dominica Air and Sea Ports Authority (DASPA), Mr Benoit Bardouille said that with flight hours now extended at the airport, there will be an increase in staff as well as the implementation of a robust shift system.


“There will be a shift system that we’ll be operating which would require an increase in the number of persons if we are to continue the airport operations the same way as we do during the daytime hours. At present we operate 15 minutes before sunrise and we go to 15 minutes after sunset, so adding a few hours of operation will mean that we would need to employ a few more people,” said Bardouille.


DASPA is now awaiting the results of a debriefing following Tuesday’s test to determine the next step forward.

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