Nine to Compete in Calypso Finals

semiThe semi-final was a night of fierce competition at the Newtown Savannah on Saturday January 26th, where nine Calypsonians were given the nod to face King Dice at the Calypso Finals, which will take place on Saturday February 9th at Carnival City.

They are Karessah, Ghetto Prince, Black Diamond, De Rose, Daddy Chess, Bob, Web, Ras Kelly and Hunter.

Newcomer to the finals Ghetto Prince, put on a very passionate performance for his song entitled “Prison Blues.”

Black Diamond certainly did not make any mistake this year, earning his spot in the Finals with a smooth performance of his song entitled “Asking.”

The song highlights the rough behind the scenes on unfair judging aspects of Calypso, and how it is very difficult to win the National Calypso Competition, while asking if he is too young to do so.

Derose had the crowd’s full participation as they held candles up high during the performance for his song entitled “Bayo Ba Ba Len.”

semi 2This very controversial song highlights the injustice done to former Chief Magistrate Glensworth Emmanuel, whose home was firebombed on Christmas Day 2010.

Although an individual confessed to the crime in full detail, the Police Chief at the time Cyril Carette did not acknowledge the confession as the individual is a well-known criminal.

Scrunter did not get the crowd’s approval as his song entitled “De Fay Follow,” as he was booed from the start to end of his performance.

He was not appreciated as his song blamed Mr. Emmanuel for this firebombing of his home.

The crowd response following his performance clearly indicates that Scrunter should respect his elders.

None of the three females, who took part in the semi-final, were able to make it into this year’s Calypso Final Competition. They are; Electra, Rachel and Lady Star.

Scrunter, Checker, Soul Puss, Jamma B, Sye, Beno, Shadow Flow, and Explosion did not make it through.

loydKing Dice who has won the competition five times, will be seeking to win again this year.

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