No Christmas with Daughter For Laptop Theft

Laptop Theft

Laptop Theft

One man’s action will have to wait until 2013 for a chance to spend a Christmas holiday with his daughter.

Before being sentenced, Nigel Massicotte who appeared before Magistrate Candia George on the charge of theft, pleaded for leniency as it has been mant years since he last spent a Christmas outside of prison.

According to the facts of the case on December 1st 2012, Hatian national Ms. Iviania Petit who resides in Bath Estate shut down her Acer laptop valued at $3000 at 12:10am and went to bed.

At about 4:15 am she was woken up by a loud noise.

She observed the defendant’s hand pulling out her laptop which was on a wall near a window and he ran.

Ms. Petit along with some friends then chased Bedminister and caught him hiding in some flowers, but he then escaped.

When he was finally caught by the investigating officer he stated that he saw the laptop on the porch and pushed his hand and took it and the owner saw him, while saying he was sorry for his action and will pay for it.

The laptop which was recovered unfortunately does not work.

Magistrate George advised him that he finally had a chance to spend this Christmas with his daughter but he messed it up.

Massicotte was sentenced to nine months imprisonment after pleading guilty.

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