No Confidence Motion an Un-Patriotic Frolic, Says Grenada PM

Tillman Thomas

Grenada’s Prime Minister Tillman Thomas has described a no-confidence motion brought by former Cabinet minister Karl Hood as a frolic, and deliberately designed for the purpose of inducing anxiety and instability in the country.

Mr. Thomas said this latest motion is a blatant act of disobedience and dishonour; it is highly unpatriotic, reckless, self-serving and disrespectful of the people of Grenada.

He also added that it is not only intended to deny Grenadians their joy and peace, but it is also motivated by spite and a determination to pre-empt any improvement in their economic and financial fortunes.

The Prime Minister said the NNP had the opportunity to govern Grenada for thirteen years, and when they were voted out of office, they did not leave behind an economy that was geared-up, productive and strong enough to pay debts over the long-term.

He says this year has presented additional challenges which affected the revenue package that was intended to be part of the 2012 budget, even though the proposed measures did not include any further taxes on the people, Nevertheless, they continue to keep their shoulders to the wheel, in the interests of all Grenadians.

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