No Volcanic activity in Morne Prosper

morne-prosper4-300x225Farmers and residents in the Morne Prosper area have expressed concerns over what they considered volcanic activity or geothermal disruption over the last few weeks. Residents had previously reported seeing the appearance of blue sulphur on the earth’s surface, drying rivers and dead fish, in addition to landslides and sinking land, which they initially identified as being an effect of the current geothermal project on island.


Seismologist, Dr. Erouscilla Joseph

To address this concern, Don Corriette, Acting Director in the Office of Disaster Management (ODM) had invited a team from the Seismic Research Centre (SRC) in Trinidad & Tobago to observe the area in May. The team which went to the area was comprised of villagers from Morne Prosper, members of the ODM and personnel from SRC including Seismologist, Dr. Erouscilla Joseph.

However, in an exclusive interview with SAT TV, Dr. Joseph said that after reviewing the area, in their opinion, there is no sign of volcanic activity. This she said could be an ongoing problem given the present geology in the area. Joseph also noted that this is not unusual in Dominica however, persons must be aware that this area is disaster prone.


Sulphur mud found at site




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