No witness no justice

The British High Commission has launched a project that is aimed to improve the experiences of prosecution victims and witnesses and ensure that they are better informed, prepared and supported when attending court.

The British High Commission has been working with stakeholders in Barbados and the region to raise the importance of witnesses in criminal trials.

The project, called “no witnesses no justice”, has two key aims: to encourage greater witness participation and to enhance victim and witness rights.

‘No witness, no justice’ puts victims and witnesses at the heart of the criminal justice system, providing the assistance and care where it is needed most.

To promote these objectives, a short film and school engagement pack has been produced that asks people whether they feel comfortable reporting crime, giving evidence in court, and attempts to demystify the judicial process.

The no witness no justice film will be launched as part of the University of the west indies Law Week on Monday 27 February at cave hill campus Barbados.An online version of the film can be viewed on the British high commission website.

All the criminal justice agencies and partnering organizations have been involved in the ‘no witness, no justice’ programme from april 2003and itsaimed at making the victim and witness experience as efficient and appreciative of individual needs as possible.

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