Noise pollution cited as a major problem in the tourism sector





The issue of noise pollution has been cited as one of the major issues affecting the island’s tourism sector. The issue was brought to light yesterday at the Fort Young Hotel when the Dominica Hotel and Tourism Association (DHTA) held their thirty-ninth annual general meeting. President of the dominica hotel and tourism association, Mr. Simon Walsh said that the launching of the second edition of DHTA’s magazine; experience Dominica is one which promises to be better than last year as this year’s edition compliments the image of the magazine. He said that although the association is doing quite well it   has been faced with many challenges such as crime, security and, cost to name a few. He mentioned that recently, the issue of noise pollution has also posed as a major problem.


He said, “ many hotels and restaurants have been closed down and as result many Dominicans have lost their jobs because of the high rise in noise pollution in the country which  could not be tolerated by the tourists.”


The Dominica Hotel Tourism Association is known for organizing the hike fest, national tourism cocktail party, tourism awareness month, a tourism talk show and the experience dominica magazine.



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