Nomination Opened for Presidency

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Mrs. Alix Boyd Knights, Speaker of the House

On Thursday 12th September, Speaker of the House of Assembly, Mrs. Alix Boyd Knights, announced a fourteen day nomination process, to begin from tomorrow September 13th.

Presently, the Opposition and the Government of Dominica, have yet to come to an agreement on a joint nominee for the position of President.

Following Mrs. Boyd- Knights withdrawal for fear of her family’s life, the Government has taken the decision to nominate former Permanent Secretary, Jennifer Wallace-Lafond.

The Constitution states that if the Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader, are unable to come to an agreement on a joint candidate, they are obligated to inform the Speaker in writing.

The Speaker’s duty would then be to inform the House that they are unable to agree on a candidate.

The Constitution also states that the Prime Minister or the Leader of Opposition, or any three member of the house, may during this 14 day period send in a nominee.

“I propose that we meet sometime late September, after the fourteen day period has expired and there shall be an election or as the Constitution provides, if at that stage they agree on a nominee, we’ll take it from there,” Mrs. Boyd-Knights said.

Parliament was adjourned without a date.

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