Non-Profit Organization Gives Peebles Park Christmas Makeover

tree-lightingThe normally simple Peebles Park came alive on the night of Monday December 17th as it received a Christmas makeover.

This initiative was the work of the members of Unite Dominica, a recently formed non-profit organization seeking to bring the people of Dominica both corporate and individuals together.

One of the members of Unite Dominica Mr. Robert Tonge says this is being done by educating and informing them of the best practices by professionals in the respective fields such as politics, and religion, thereby empowering them to make informed decisions.

With that he says people will have a better understanding of why certain things are done to better the interest of everyone.

He said some of the main companies who funded this project were; Auto Trade, First Domestic, Depex and PDV Petro Caribe among others.

tree-lighting2Mr. Tonge pointed out that the electricians that were contracted as part of the project such as; Mr. Etienne Laurent and APP Electricals also helped out the event as they gave discounts for their services.

Mr. Tonge pointed out although the group Unite Dominica is relatively new, they have been working very hard on projects that will bring Dominicans closer together.

He highlighted that the next event they will be taking on is a unity day which is in line with the goal of bringing people together.

On this day there will be discussions stating ways in which we can move forward as a nation.


One of the members of Unite Dominica, Mr. Robert Tonge

It is the organization’s hope that a number of musical performances during this Christmas season will be carried out in the Peebles Park to share the Christmas cheer.

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