Norris Pevost Says the Government is giving the Public False Informtaion

Parliamentary Representative of Roseau Central, Mr. Norris Prevost

Parliamentary Representative of Roseau Central Mr. Norris Prevost says the Government is giving the public false information in regards to the Tourism Sector.

Mr. Prevost says after receiving information from the recent Air Access Conference held by Discover Dominica, he realized that the situation was really alarming.

He says that the Government is doing very little to stand the crisis and to help the industry to survive.

The Parl Rep stated that sometimes he has to wonder if the Government is on a deliberate strategy to undermine the local tourism sector.

He says if the Government is saying that the tourism sector is the main economic sector then they cannot be so negligent on the crisis that the Tourism industry is facing.

Mr. Prevost is making an appeal for people from industries such as hotels and taxis to come out to let their voices are heard and if necessary to do more than that.

He says in order to get the message across; they need to show the Government that their industry is on the verge of total collapse.

He says the United Workers Party (UWP) has some experts in the tourism sector and is willing to work with the tourism industry and Government to see how they could stabilize the Tourism Industry.

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