Norris Prevost EDF Pulling out from the Geothermal Project is a Sign


Parliamentary Representative for the Roseau Central, Honorable Norris Prevost,

Parliamentary Representative for the Roseau Central, Honorable Norris Prevost, believes Electricite de France (EDF) pulling out from the Geothermal Project might be an indication for Dominica.

Mr. Prevost says although the Government is looking for cheaper electricity alternatives for Dominica, the geothermal project was not the best solution.

He added, there are several alternatives available for Dominica, including hydro.

“It is a fact, that EFD is the best utility producer world-wide, therefore pulling out from the project must be linked with the cost benefiting analysis”, he added.

Mr. Prevost believes that EDF arrived at this decision after the Government completed the cost benefiting analysis and EFD realized it was not profitable.

He advised the Government to look into energy programs that are beneficial for the people of Dominica, rather than being concerned about how much money it will bring into the country despite the risks involved.

Mr. Prevost says Dominica has tremendous hydro potential. “We are already supplying 30% of our electricity needs from hydro”, he added.

He strongly believes that Government has not conducted the proper analysis and the research to determine how beneficial it will be if Dominica expanded its hydro.

Mr. Prevost made mention, that the Government needs to focus on Dominica’s greatest advantage – our Water Resources.

“Water is life. We can live without electricity for two days. However, we cannot live without water”, he noted.

He said if we invest the same capital we were prepared to invest in the geothermal project into our water resources, tourists who visit out health and wellness spars, river tubing sites and go diving, will be better satisfied with what we have to offer.

Mr. Prevost says, the cautious approach needs to be taken. He noted that Dominica is ready for a Pilot Plant.

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