Norris Prevost Speaks on Carnival Cruise Ship Pull-Out

Parliamentary Representative for the Roseau Central Mr. Norris Prevost, believes that the Carnival Cruise Line Pull-Out which occurred in 2010, was detrimental to Dominica’s Cruise Industry.

Mr. Prevost says a comprehensive and credible plan should be put in place for the development of Dominica, not only as a premiere cruise destination, but also as a port of embarkation for the cruise visitors.

He says an embarkation port is a port where people come from all sorts of destinations and overnight most times.  According to him, we had a good relationship with the Carnival Cruise Line and Dominica was well presented.

The Parliamentary Representative stated that the local associations and people involved in tourism seem to be on their own.

Carnival Destiny

He says there is no technical support to help the wellness people in the industry which will add value to our natural resources.

In addition, he says the Bay Front needs to be improved in the short run. There is a need for a reception facility at least to the level of the reception facility at Cabrits.

In terms of the vendors, he says we need good quality vending facilities on the Bay Front.

Mr. Prevost says the name and the confidence of Dominica needs to be rebuilt.


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