Norris Prevost Speaks on Crime and Violence in Dominica

Parliamentary Representative for the Roseau Central Constituency Honourable Norris Prevost, is of the firm view that the Government of Dominica is not adequately handling the issue of the upsurge of crime and violence, which if not dealt with properly could get out hand.

Mr. Prevost says adding insult to injury the government has given the wrong signal to the police, Dominicans who obey and those who do not obey the law, in terms of the government’s commitment to law and order and the constitution of Dominica.

However he commends the Police Department for their recent successes in the war against drugs in Dominica in addition to other criminal matters of concern, while adding there is a lot more that can and should be done.

Mr. Prevost pointed out what he would like to see, is the Government of Dominica allowing the Police Department the freedom to carry out their duties in accordance to the laws and constitution to uphold the law, and not interfere in criminal matters of interest to them which is obstructing the wheels of justice.

Mr. Prevost says when the government interferes with the operations of the Police Force to their favour, which is obvious, it sends the wrong message to the public and it needs to stop.

He said such injustice by the government was displayed when several of members of the United Workers Party (UWP) were charged for a protest they had in front of Parliament, protesting that the 2009 General Elections were rigged and were calling for free and fair elections.

He said this was a clear politically motivated directive to the Police Force to intimidate their supporters.

Mr. Prevost said the decision that the Director of Public Prosecution took to drop the charges was a clear affirmation to Dominicans that they should fear no more.

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