North Eastern Funeral Association to Celebrate 30th Anniversary


Mrs. Diana Graham, Assistant Manager of N.E.F.A

Celebrating a birthday may not mean much to some individuals, however celebrating 30 years in business can be considered a significant achievement, especially during tough economic times.

The North Eastern Funeral Association (N.E.F.A), has stood up to the challenges of tough times and will celebrate their 30th anniversary on Wednesday April 3rd 2013, at their office in Fond Cole from 9:30am.

Mrs. Diana Graham, Assistant Manager of N.E.F.A, says this remarkable achievement will be celebrated simultaneously with their Annual General Meeting, promises to be very interesting in addition to prizes to be won.

There will also be an exhibition, where the public can view the transition the Association has made over the years since its inception.

Hopefully they will be able to gain a true understanding of how far the company has come throughout the years.

The talent of their staff members will also be showcased, as they are skilled in many other ways besides “undertaking” which the public are not aware of.

Mrs. Graham says they are facing competition head on, while continuing to update themselves on the modern advances in the business to ensure they stay on top of their game.

She said N.E.F.A was formed by a Dominican created for Dominicans and as a result they also try to make business cost effective for all their clients, while providing them with the best service possible. Their main purpose is customer satisfaction.

The Association has a staff of eleven and five offices Island-wide, Grand Bay, Fond Cole, Portsmouth and La Plaine, with the main office located in the community of Wesley.

Mrs. Graham added that during these tough economic times, it is important that Dominicans become members of N.E.F.A as death has no date, and we would not want to leave any financial burden on our family when we pass away.

With that she says N.E.F.A has a number of membership plans to benefit the budget of all Dominicans, so they can grieve in peace while the Association takes care of their financial burden.

Mr. Richardson St. Aimie President and Founder of N.E.F.A said, it was a trip to the Virgin Islands where he witnessed how professional the body of a Dominican who died in an accident, was prepared for burial that inspired him.

Mr. St. Aimie mentioned that when the business first started and up to five years ago all was good, however, in this present economy and with new people involved in the same business with new ideas the industry has changed significantly.

He said the service they offer is the best on Island, and Dominicans should support the Association to ensure it stays alive for all to benefit from its affordable prices.


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