North Star Productions presents Ball of a time at the Arawak House of Culture on September 4th

North Star Productions spearheaded by Mickael Ferrol is calling on Dominicans to support their upcoming play ‘ball of a time’ which will be featured at the Arawak House of Culture, for the first time this weekend.

Ferrol said that the play highlights a number of social family issues and experiences of fifth formers during their last days of high school, coupled with comedy.

The cast include performers from the northern communities of Anse-De-Mai, Portsmouth, Vielle Case, Thibaud and Paix Bouche.

The play will be featured at the Arawak House of Culture on September 4th and at Azille’s country club in the north on September 5th.

The full cast includes Fabien Leblanc (Brent Chatters), Ronilia Jules (Patricia Pringles), Kerlani Paul (Tinisha Gwapo), Melissa Didier (Divette Gwapo), Denel Anthony (Vera Chawples), Tashara Brumant (Tashi Balard), Alie Francois (Ms Gris), Matthew La-Plume (Ebi Boundah) and Mickael Ferrol (Robin Gwapo).


The play, written by Mickael Ferrol is being directed by the writer himself.


It promises to be exciting and hilarious, but of course, with a powerful message and lessons for all.

SAT Telecommunications Ltd is pleased to be a sponsor of the event.

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