Numbers Lady to Host Stem Workshop

 Dr. Rebecca Klemm

Dr. Rebecca Klemm

Parents are being urged to ensure that they bring their children to the Roseau Public Library on Friday June 6th 2014 from 5:30 pm, as it has been selected as the location for a series of math and science workshops with teachers, coaches, parents, and students.

This workshop will be facilitated by Dr. Rebecca Klemm, better known as “The Numbers Lady,” who is also Creative and Executive Director of NumbersAlive – a creative tool for learning.

Klemm noted, this workshop will significantly aid in the learning of Mathematics and Science – STEM subjects which are helpful for anyone’s future plans and careers.

She will use her exuberant presentation skills to explain the complexities of math and science in everyday language, reinforcing math and science concepts through sports such as cricket, football, and track and field.

The U.S. Embassy expects that the benefits of Dr. Klemm’s workshop series will be two-fold: teachers will be able to enlist coaches to reinforce the principles taught in the classroom, and coaches will benefit by having student athletes who better understand the science of various sports and therefore improve their performance.

The promotion of STEM through sports also aligns with the Embassy’s youth outreach strategy, as well as CARICOM’s youth development goals which include educational opportunities and sports for all youth.

Dr. Klemm has taught students from grades 7 through graduate school, as well as judges and juries via storytelling.

While on the faculty of Georgetown University School of Business she received the 1982 Decision Sciences Instructional Award from the American Institute of Decision Sciences, and for the past 25 years has run her own research firm, Klemm Analysis Group, specializing in data collection and analysis.


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