Numerous Dominicans Complete Music Video Production Workshop


participants and supporters of the workshop

A number of Dominicans, on Friday September 6th successfully completed a three week music video production workshop.

The workshop, which was organized and funded by the Discover Dominica Authority (DDA) through the Film Office, was aimed at equipping the participants on the essential knowledge required for shooting a music video.

The workshop was also partially funded by Mr. Fitzroy and Anelia Bertrand, two Dominicans living abroad.

Coordinator of the music video workshop, Mrs. Anita Bully, explained that during this workshop, the participants were exposed to the history of music video, video production and other aspects needed for shooting a music video.

After writing up a production plan and recruiting actors, the four groups all shot and edited their music videos to submit their final pieces.


Renowned videographer, Mr. Sheldon Casimir

Chief Executive Officer of the Discover Dominica Authority, Mr. Colin Piper noted, this workshop was important, as the DDA constantly seeks new and innovative ways to market the destination, on their continued quest of achieving 90,000 visitors by 2015.

Music video workshop trainer, Mr. Oriel Rodriguez from the International School of Film and Television in Cuba, said he was very pleased with the end products.

Renowned videographer, Mr. Sheldon Casimir, was a participant in the workshop, and said he was impressed with the knowledge passed unto him by the trainer of the music video production workshop.

He was the Director of the music video ‘Rum and de Party’, a song by Shadow Flow.

Mr. Kunta Charles, a first time participant, and director of Maxine’s music video, entitled ‘Do Do Mwe’, noted he learnt a lot of valuable techniques that he will certainly use when shooting other music videos.

Some of the participants of the workshop were; Elias Dupis, Nixon George, Colton Thomas, Nickisha Philbert, Larry Larocque, Ashworth Simon, Onan Thomas, Allan Toussiant, and Earlson Matthew.


clip from video, ‘The Rum and de Party’

The videos shot were; ‘The Rum and de Party’

‘Do Do Mwe’ by Maxine

‘Closest Friend’ by Asher Thomas

‘And She Got It’ by Kayyo featuring Anderson

The official videos will be released soon.



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