Numerous Dominicans Participate In Music Video Workshop


Filmmaker, Editor and Trainer, Mr. Oriel Rodriguez

The Public Service Training Centre was filled with numerous persons, involved in the audio visual sector among others, all eager to learn as they began a workshop on music videos, on Monday August 19th.

This was as a result of the collaborative effort of the Discover Dominica Authority, through the Dominica Film Office in association with the Audiovisual Association of Dominica (AAD).

The workshop will run for three weeks and come to a close on Tuesday September 6th.

Filmmaker, Editor and Trainer, Mr. Oriel Rodriguez, from the International School of Film and Television in Cuba is the facilitator of the workshop.

Mr. Rodriguez noted, one of the important aspects of music videos, is that it gives all the freedom of the world to the artiste to experiment.

A music video is a very free format of expression, he said, because in movies or documentaries there are boundaries that cannot be crossed.

He said currently there are no difficulties faced for people of the Caribbean, as compared to those in the more developed countries including the United States and Europe, when filming music videos.

“Once you have a good creative mind, the will and the resources in Dominica or any other country, very good quality music videos can be shot.”

“With technological advances, many people now own cellphones with high definition video capability, so anyone can use this device to shoot a music video.”

They do not have to depend on the major networks to broadcast their video as they can now use social networks to do so, he added.

As it relates to music videos, he noted that social networks are very important; they have a wide audience and once published videos go viral quickly and are shared with friends – proving to launch average musicians to mega stars.

The workshop will also address areas including; creating story boards, location selection and contraction, copyright, casting, production, editing, synchronization and colour correction.


Participants of the Music Video workshop

Mr. Rodriguez explained his goal at the end of this workshop, is to develop courage in the people of Dominica, to go out into their environment and shoot music videos, to promote their music so it can be known and heard worldwide.

According to the filmmaker, if this is not done, their music will be isolated to Dominica, and it does not help any artiste to be known only in a local arena.

The facilitator, who has been coming to Dominica for four years now, stated the only way to learn is to be practical, in addition to exercising theoretical knowledge.

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