NYC President believes that sporting activities compliments students’ academics


“Parents should play an important role in their children’s academics,” says Mr Delroy Williams as he spoke to SAT TV News on September 7th 2010 at the Ministry of Health. The president of the National Youth Council (NYC) said that playing an active role in their children’s academics will aid in their child’s academic success.


He said , “children should not only strive for academic success however engage in sporting activities and community activities as well as it allows them to broaden their horizon which would actually compliment their academic achievements. We also want the parents to play an active role in assisting their children with their homework.”


He said that the parent and teachers association is very important and parents should ensure that they participate in every meeting and activity that the PTA hosts as it is geared at increasing their awareness on the affairs of the school.


‘If possible we would like the parents to play an active role in the PTA because the more the parents play that role, the more their child is likely to succeed throughout the school year,” said Mr Williams.

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