NYC President Outline Plans for the Youth of Dominica


NYC President, Jiahsiah Bennoit

Jiahsiah Bennoit who accumulated the majority of votes at the National Youth Council’s general assembly on Sunday July 21st said he has a lot of plans in store for the Dominican youth.

“With respect to the immediate plan for the council we believe that the council should engage with the youth districts, to put together a more comprehensive youth plan for the national executives in the two year tenure.”

“In addition we would like to establish a better forum for young people to discuss and establish positions on national issues, including the youth parliament.”

Mr. Bennoit said that during his tenure he also wants to move away from dependency on Government subventions, by establishing an enterprise under the management of the National Youth Council.

In relations to the plans of establishing an enterprise Mr. Benoit is thinking of looking at investments in the Agriculture or the Fisheries sector.

He also spoke of the need to establish an expanded resource base to provide resources for the youth throughout the Island to pursue their programs.

We are definitely looking to acquire property to establish a headquarters for the council.

According to Benoit the mandate of the NYC is very large in terms of empowering young people to rise to greater levels in terms of careers and forward advancement.

Therefore it is very important for the NYC to place itself in a better position to facilitate that empowerment in an environment conducive to holistic development.

The newly elected president explained that in order to be successful one has to think outside the box to have stronger network from the grassroots, so as to mobilize more support for development.

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