Obama Hits Back in Fiery Second Debate with Romney

A more aggressive Barack Obama took on Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney in the second presidential debate in New York.

Mr Obama, perceived to have lost their first encounter, came out swinging on the economy, tax and foreign policy.

Snap polls after the debate suggested Mr Obama “won” the contest, although by a narrower margin than his opponent was perceived to have won the first.

But analysts say the race stays tight.

President Obama redeemed himself. He did what he had to, and perhaps some more”

The most dramatic clash came over foreign policy, and the attack last month on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya, which left the US ambassador and three other Americans dead.

Mr Romney sought to portray the attack as evidence of the Obama administration’s failing foreign policy and he suggested Mr Obama had dithered over admitting a terrorist attack had occurred.

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