Official Launch of Calibishie Reunion

The Calibishie Reunion of 2012 hopes to be a phenomenal experience.


Under the theme, “Uniting our community, Let’s make a reality”, the reunion was launched at the four road in Calibishie, on June 10th.


Vice Chairperson of the Calibishie Village council, Mr. Augustus Austrie emphasized that the community has taken on the responsibility of putting their best foot forward in this year’s reunion.


He says that the reunion is not in competition with other reunions but is unique and the goal is to make it memorable.


Where there are strong and united families, you can expect to find strong communities.


Those were the words of Honourable Gloria Shillingford, Minister of Social Services, Community Development and Gender Affairs.


She says that Calibishie has been known for their hospitality in recent years and this has been extended to the tourism industry.


Honourable Matthew Walters, Parliamentary Representative for the Paix Bouche Constituency says that the Calibishie committee cannot do all the work so the rest of the community has to get on board.

After the launching, those gathered headed for Marigot for the official road show.

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