Official Launch of Sickle Cell Cares

sickle_cell_anemia_t750x550On Thursday June, 19th the Sickle Cell Cares Inc. foundation was officially launched at the U.W.I Auditorium in Bath Estate.

The foundation was launched in an effort to raise awareness on the challenge of Sickle Cell disease in Dominica and how we can assist and be empowered to make a difference.

Natasha Jervier, female CARICOM Youth Ambassador says the foundation launch is just one example of the National Youth Council of Dominica (NYCD’s) motto – youth representing youth positively.

The NYCD will partner with the Sickle Cell Cares Foundation, founded in January 2013 by Kellyn George, one of six Directors of the organization.

George herself suffers from the disease and explained to the gathering how she copes with the life changing disease.

Kellyn George, Founder of Sickle Cell Cares Foundation

Kellyn George, Founder of Sickle Cell Cares Foundation

According to George, she has had to miss several functions while attending school because of the disease, in addition to having several operations due to life threatening complications.

Also speaking at the event was Pediatrician, Dr. Rhonda McIntyre who gave a brief synopsis about the Sickle Cell disease.

It is hoped that the Foundation can offer some assistance to Sickle Cell patients in the future.

Persons wishing to volunteer can contact the organization at

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