Official Opening of Big River Bakery in Carib Territory


Residents of Big River, Bataca in the Carib Territory have been commended for their team effort in putting together a business proposal which has now materialized into the construction of a much-needed organization in the area.


The government of Dominica and the European Union through the Dominica Social Investment Fund (DSIF) officially opened a $268,000 Bakery at Bataca, at a ceremony on August 19th, 2010.


Representative from DSIF’s board, Mr Irvince Auguiste said that they are pleased that the aim of the project has been achieved.


“The aim of the project at the time is to empower many people as possible in the Carib Territory. The DSIF program is hopeful that it will empower persons and the project has achieved its objective,” said Auguiste.


Carib Chief, Mr Garnette Joseph commended DSIF, who has also funded a number of other projects in Carib Territory. He encouraged the Big River Development Committee to continue striving for quality, in order to sustain the business.


“We hope that business will flourish and persons will continue to produce better quality bread. The one ingredient of your success is your quality, remember you are competing with other bread producers so you need to keep your quality ‘top-notch’,” said Joseph.


Minister of Carib Affairs, Honorable Ashton Graneau encouraged the committee to strive for growth at all times.


“In time to come we expect that we would have a vehicle specifically designated to transport bread throughout the Carib Territory,” said Graneau.


The Big River Bakery currently provides employment for six women and one man. Plans for the building was designed by Vivian Trotter and constructed by Francis Cabey, who is a constructor from the area.


The project was completed in April of 2010 following a series of training sessions facilitated by certified bakers of Sukie’s Bakery.

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