Olympic Committee Athletic Season Officially Opened

President of DAAA Mr. Cedrick Harris

To officially open the 2012/2013 athletic season on Sunday 23rd, under 16 athletes gathered at the Bayfront and prepared for a race from Citronier to the BayFront.

President of DAAA Mr. Cedrick Harris says the first race began with a 2kilometer run for the under 16s followed by a 5 kilometer race for the Adults.

Athletes from primary schools such as Marigot, St. Joseph, Grandbay, St. Luke and Newton participated in this event.

Mr. Harris says he is very pleased with the turn out since over 30 athletes were present and this shows that the children are interested in their health and keeping fit.

He says the preparations for this event went rather smoothly.

At the end of the series a national grand-prize ceremony will be held on Saturday, December 8th, where the top athletes will be awarded.

In addition he mentioned that a One mile race will be held on Sunday, 21st October.

Concord resident Keon Burton won the 2km race and said he received a lot of support from his mother.




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