One Dominican on a Drive to get Age of Consent Increased


Gender Advocate, Mrs. Delia Cuffy Weekes

One Dominican is on a strong drive to have the age of consent increased from 16 to 18.

Gender Advocate Mrs. Delia Cuffy Weekes, says she came up with this idea after the scandal which followed the posting of two young girls engaging in pornographic activity on the internet.

Mrs. Weekes stated as a concerned citizen she could no longer sit idle, because something needed to be done as most people would say the young people will do what they want, while they should be trying to help them.

In an effort to get a significant number of signatures, she said her target is 50,000 as this is the estimated number of Dominicans of the age eligible for voting.

However this petition is not restricted to Dominicans as the petition is available on the internet and can be signed by anyone who agrees that the age of consent should be increased.

She added to earn a driver’s license one must be 18, to get a social security i.d number one must be 18, to open an account at a financial institution one must be 18, and to vote one must be 18, so the age to give consent to sex should rightfully be 18.

Mrs. Weekes added if per chance a young girl gets pregnant while not thinking at such a young age, and the guy does not take responsibility, it is left to the young girl on her own to take care of this child that she is not ready for.

age-of-consent-lawsShe described the issue as a problem related to the Caribbean and said that it was one which needed the attention of the masses to be solved.

The Gender Advocate says, if it is just one lone voice speaking to a parliamentarian or a minister then they will not listen.

However she believes in strength in numbers, and pointed out that if you have more than half of the population of Dominica signing the petition, then the politicians will be very insensitive to ignore it because they are there to serve the people.

Mrs. Weekes said that raising the age of consent does not stop a criminal from committing a crime, however if there is no age limit then no act can be criminalized.

With the age of consent being raised to 18, she said then we are telling our people that under that age, we will take up the responsibility for their actions.

She pointed out that we have the responsibility to protect our children, and need to put the laws in place to do so and ensure justice is served, and served swiftly when and if they are violated.

This is her passionate cry so concerned people can join her in signing the petition.

The petition which started on January 7th, 2013 so far has 300 signatures to date and counting.


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