One lady charged with theft after picking up a purse contained $1500 cash at the Minya’s 7/11


“I tell you already, I did not steal the money. I got it and whatever dog gets on the ground is theirs,” says Mrs Petrolina Lee who was charged earlier today December 13th 2010, for theft after she stole a purse belonging to Amika Bellot valued at eighty-two dollars which also contained one thousand five hundred dollars in cash at Minya’s 7/11 Supermarket.


According to the facts of the matter, Bellot laid her purse down on the supermarket’s shelf near the freezer after which she noticed that it was missing.


I’m quite sure that Bellot said, “thanks to technology,” since the investigating officers were able to identify Lee via the super market’s surveillance camera.


Petrolina Lee had initially denied stealing the money however admitted to it later on during the investigations.


Lee was told to compensate Amika Bellot five hundred dollars to be paid by Thursday December 23rd 2010 and six hundred and thirty dollars to be paid by January 31st 2011.


In addition she was also fined one thousand dollars or in default, she will serve  three months in prison.














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