One Million Hour Tree Planting Project

The million hour tree planting project is a new approach towards environmental preservation in Dominica.

Over the next several months, it is expected that every Dominican will invest at least two hours into their communities and immediate surroundings, to enhance the environment through the creation of green spaces, and the planting of trees and scrubs to prevent soil erosion and beautify the landscape around the Island.

Ms. Rhoda St. John

Ms. Rhoda St. John, Director of Generation of Opportunity, said we need to clean and beautiful our country to keep with our image of the Nature Island of the Caribbean.

With the increasing phenomenon of global warming and climate change, small Islands like Dominica have had to deal with more intense weather conditions like hurricanes and floods.

Ms. John says many of these have been as a result of man’s poor management of his environment and we have neglected our responsibility to care for the earth.

The project is mainly supported by the Global Environmental Fund (GEF) who will provide planting material to all participating communities for establishment along the main roads and highways, as well as open spaces where beautiful flowers would be a welcomed enhancement to the ambiance.

Honourable Ian Douglas, Minister for Tourism says the Ministry is excited about this initiative and says we need to add value to what God has blessed us with.

The one million hour tree planting project is said to begin in November 2012.

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