One of Dominica’s daughters of the soil Edeline returns to her homeland to launch her first book


‘The Life of an Immigrant’ one of the latest books written by a Dominican has hit the local racks, after Mrs. Edeline Harris of Goodwill returned to the island to launch the book which was previously launched in the United States of America in October 2010.


While giving an overview of the book at the official launching and signing ceremony on Friday March 11th, 2011 at the Fort Young Hotel, President of the Dominica Council on Ageing Mr. Evander Joseph says the book reveals a true story of the author’s lifestyle.


According to him, Edeline experienced many adversaries during her early childhood, having to leave high school prematurely to fend for herself and her family, thereby migrating to Antigua in the process in search of a better future.


Having spent a few years in Antigua, she then got into a relationship and shortly thereafter returned to her native homeland Dominica where she and her partner got married. But unfortunately the union was short-lived due to his religious incompatibility in comparism to hers.


Nonetheless, despite these many challenges, Edeline had a dream to leave Dominica for a second time in search of greener pastures, and according to Mr. Joseph that story is revealed within the 78 pages that the book possesses.


Meantime, while commending the author on her latest achievements, Edeline’s lifelong friend Marj Peters, urged the general public to purchase copy of the book in support of her dear friend.


Edeline Harris, who was accompanied to Dominica by her husband, says she is proud to be launching her book for a second time, this time in her native homeland Dominica.


The book which comprises of 78 pages has 10 paragraphs and at the end of which contains a scripture verse.


Copies of the book are available for sale at a price of $26.00 at the author’s store; Bright Look which is located in the heart of the city.

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