One of western union robbers denied bail

One of the men accused of the armed robbery of Western Union on Thursday February 2nd have been denied bail.


Attorney at Law Peter Alleyne, came to the Roseau Magistrate’s Court on Friday March 16th with the intention of securing bail for his client, 43 year old Mr. Kelvin Alexander of Grand Bay but his attempt proved futile.


Mr. Alexander is charged with aggravated burglary where it is alleged he, and 34 year old Mr. Omisie Odigie stolen in the range of $200,000.00, from the Western Union Money Transfer Office in Roseau.


According to the Police Prosecutor Inspector Micheal Laudat, he stated that when Mr. Alexander was arrested, he indicated that he will be leaving the country when released.


The Inspector quoted Mr. Alexander saying and I quote “I lost all my money, all you take all my money. When I get out I going St. Martin and Tortola to work and make some money end quote”.


When questioned by the arresting officer of what he meant by this statement, Mr. Alexander replied you know what I mean.


The prosecutor also indicated armed robbery is a serious offence, which the defendant is charged for, and the guns used in the robbery have not been recovered, and also a large sum of cash is still not accounted for.


However Mr. Alleyne contested saying his client has submitted all travel documents, and is not a flight risk.


Magistrate Ossie Lewis said, he will need some more time to get familiar with the circumstances surrounding the robbery, and the character of the defendant, just before denying bail for another week.

The bail application has been denied for March 26th.

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