One young individual makes her mark in society by hosting a dinner for drug addicts


One young lady from the community of Portsmouth is partnering with the Reconciliation and Deliverance Ministry in her Community to host a Christmas Dinner for persons who abuse drugs.


The dinner, spearheaded by Vignette Valentine, will be conducted under the theme, “to undo the heavy burdens and to let thou oppress go free,” with motivational speakers and testimonials.


While speaking with Ms Valentine on December 13th 2010, she says the dinner will follow a VIP-style theme, where the invited guests will automatically become VIPs upon entering through a red curtain.


Valentine believes that everyone has been placed in a situation where they were tempted to abuse drugs and added that without God’s grace, she would not have been able to surpass the obstacles that came her way.


“Whether you are a Christian or not you should always turn your problems to God because you can only overcome your problems through God’s grace,” said Valentine.


The young lady advised the public to avoid being judgmental on individuals who use or abuse drugs.


She said, “these people are not disposable. They are people to and they do have the potential to change.”


The dinner is scheduled for Thursday December 16th 2010, at the Portsmouth Credit Union Hall from 7:00 pm.

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