Ongoing Work as Part of the Million Hour Tree Planting Project

Mr. Armour Thomas

The million hour tree planting project is a new approach towards environmental preservation in Dominica.

Over the next several months, it is expected that every Dominican will invest at least two hours into their communities and immediate surroundings, to enhance the environment through the creation of green spaces.

In addition there will be planting of trees and scrubs to prevent soil erosion and beautify the landscape around the Island.

Continuing with the One Million Hour Tree Planting Project, the Grandbay Community continues to contribute hours to the project.

On Saturday November 10th, the Grandbay Boulevard was cleared of debris, plastic bags, and grass was cut so that trees could be planted under the project.

In keeping with the climate change conditions and cleanliness of the environment, the project continues to enforce on sanitation, health, biodiversity among others.

This coming weekend, there will be an Environmental Education Workshop in the Calibishie area, where 40 people will be educated on the environment and the change in climate, as well as propagation of plants.

At the end of the exercise, a nursery will have been set up with the community of Calibishie fully prepared to continue to run that nursery.

Thanks to the GEF Small Grants for this project.


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