OooLaLa Promotions to Highlight Talent of Youth in Stay Golden Event


Founders of OooLaLa Promotions, Chelsea Williams (right) and Leanne Morancie (left)

The talent of the youth will be highlighted on Sunday March 9th 2014 at the Public Service Union Building on Valley Road, when the Founders of OooLaLa Promotions, Chelsea Williams and Leanne Morancie will host their first event dubbed “Stay Golden.”

Ms. Williams stated the event is organized in an effort to show young people how to be themselves to the fullest extent, rather than try to imitate others.

“We just want to show our upcoming generation that you don’t have to be anybody else.”

The two young ladies who are Dominican natives residing in the United States, said the idea for this show came about seeing that Dominica is blessed with many unrecognized talented individuals.

They noticed a trend, they said, where our local talent is being recognized locally, only after it has been recognized regionally, and or internationally when by right, we should be first to appreciate our talented individuals.

flyers for show "Stay Golden"

flyers for show “Stay Golden”

The Stay Golden show will do exactly that, highlight the gifts of our talented citizens.

During the show, each person is allotted five minutes to express themselves in whatever forms he or she chooses.

Ms. Williams, who is very good at Poetry, might grace the audience with some of her work.

The young ladies are inviting all Dominicans to make a special effort to attend as it will be an event like no other.

The show begins at 8:00 pm.

Tickets cost $15 and interested persons can call telephone numbers; 617-1543 or 615-0889.

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