Opening Ceremony of ‘Football For All’

football.jpgThe Sports Division within the Ministry of Culture and Sports views the role of women in sports as very significant said Trevor Shillingford addressing the opening ceremony for the Teachers Coaching course was held on April 4th.

The course trained 26 teachers from secondary schools around the island in coaching football and forming girl’s football teams in their schools.

The Dominica Football Association (DFA) was encouraged by the interest shown by the sports teachers.

The biggest turn out of girls in the program was at the Pierre Charles Secondary School with an estimated 90 girls.

The representative of the Dominica Olympic says that the program thus far was very productive and helped to add an extra push to the program, thus the development of the training program.

Visits were made to the secondary schools between Pierre Charles Secondary School and Portsmouth Secondary School after which a training program was planned with the objective of ensuring that the girls receive the right basic fundamental training for a sound development in the future.

Another objective was to make sure that the girls would be ready for the various secondary schools competition in which 7 secondary schools will compete.

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