Opening of Carnival in Portsmouth & St. Joseph

vlcsnap-2014-02-18-16h01m55s93The Carnival celebrations for 2014 did not simmer down after the official Opening Parade took place in Roseau two weekends ago.

Needless to say the Carnival train kept moving and cho-chooed its way down to St. Joseph for their Opening Parade.

On Saturday 16th February, supporters and revelers assembled on the streets to join in the Opening Day fun; as flag wavers, stilt walkers, Miss West contestants and parade attendees from neighbouring villages, paraded through the streets in Carnival costumes.

Boyoun band, Triple Kay International, concluded the celebration when they engaged the audience in a serenade of music.

Meanwhile on Sunday, in the second city of Portsmouth, Carnival lovers and paraders took to the streets, colourfully vlcsnap-2014-02-18-16h02m47s106attired and with much enthusiasm.

Although the parade was rained down, that did not stop spectators and partakers from enjoying the musical melodies of High-Fi bands.

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