Opening of Mahaut Reunion Nine Day Novena

Massacre Catholic Church

A call has sounded to the youth of Dominica to discover the faith, so they will always have God present in their lives, since nothing is possible without God.

This very important message came from Redemptorist Alistair Elias, who hails from the spice island of Grenada.

He said that, he has been in Dominica since January of 2012, where he was assigned to the Parish of St. Ann and St. Joachim, so it was automatic that he was selected to be part of the Novena.

Redemptorist Elias said he is happy and pleased of his task as a Redemptorist, to preach the good news of God to the poor and most abandoned throughout the world.

He added that besides night one he will also be a part of the entire Novena, as he is in charge of coordinating the activities to much sure the operations goes well.

Parish Priest of St. Ann and St. Joachim, Father Franklin Cuffy says, the Novena is in preparation for the Feast of St. Ann and St. Joachim which will be celebrated on July 26th, under the theme ‘Reconnect to the Church of you baptism.’

Father Cuffy mentioned that, one of the topics they will be preaching on during the Novena is; ‘the role of the media,’ which will be addressed by Monsignor Eustace Thomas.

Other Priests includes, Father Mark Owen, Father Elvio Augustine, Arch Bishop Kevin Felix, and Parish Priest of the Fatima Church in Newtown, Father Clement, amongst others.

He added that forgiveness is very important in the family, since it is those who are closer to us that hurt us more frequently, and hurts us easier.

Father Cuffy explained the objective of the Novena;

Father Cuffy said it is vital that we pray as a community and not just for ourselves.

Since the Bishop Gabriel Malzaire is not present, the Vica General, Monsignor Reginald La Fleur will be the main celebrant.

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