St. Clair College Opens!

Sunday November 18th was a very special day as the first ever St. Clair College of Ministry (SCCM) in Dominica opened.

This college is owned and operated by Evangel Assembly Church which is headquartered in Temple Hills Maryland in the United States of America.

SCMM is a church-degreed, tuition based program in association with the Theological Division of Logos University located in Jacksonville, Florida.

Education Minister, Honourable Peter St. Jean

Speaking at the official launch ceremony, Education Minister Honourable Peter St. Jean, pointed out in these modern times where there is a decay of basic values, there is a need for colleges such as the SCCM.

He says the Government of Dominica and his ministry will put their full support behind the SCCM to ensure it survives 100 or more years.

Mr. St. Jean says as a faith based organization, it is paramount that the SCCM mentor people train and teach them just as Jesus did to his disciples.

He advised the management to use the most effective means to teach this nation, bearing in mind that without a successor there is no success.

Keynote Speaker, Doctor St. Clair Mitchell

Keynote Speaker, Doctor St. Clair Mitchell, Chancellor says, this college will train people to be high achievers.

The school offers Diploma, Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Programs in the field of theology and related fields.

It is headed by Dominican born Doctor St. Clair Mitchell, Chancellor and Doctor Preston Williams, President; along with a local board.

The school’s office is located at 42 Hillsborough Street, Roseau.


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