Opposition Leader Voice Concerns Over 2013/2014 Budget

UWP Leader Hector John

Leader of the Opposition, Hector John

Leader of the Opposition, Honourable Hector John, on Friday July 26th, has responded to the National Budget Presentation, held at Parliament.

During the 2013 to 2014 National Budget Presentation, which took place on Wednesday July 24th, Prime Minister Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit projected a slight growth in Dominica’s economy.

According to Mr. John, the Dominica Labour Party’s budget has delivered poor results and utter disrespect toward the farmers of Dominica.

“Truckers are still not paid”, he stressed.

He suggested that the trucker of the year, receive a new truck at the end of the year as a form of appreciation.

According to Mr. John, the Pond Case and Melville Hall Road project set date was originally June 19th 2012 but was later changed.

The leader of the opposition views this as another promise broken. He added that the Government also promised 1 million dollars to the Cooperative Society and they have also neglected this promise.

The Cooperative Society depended on those funds to sort out their cash flow as well as their expansion purposes, he said.

The Opposition Leader’s statement also informed that a program for the unemployed within the Silver Lake community was scheduled to commence but to date has not begun. “The Government needs to fulfill its contract,” he stated.

Mr. John says our economy faces many challenges ahead, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has also confirmed this.

Other points from Mr. John included: a decline in the banana industry for 2012, 85% loans eloquent, 83 million dollars estimates in 2010 which is a %50 percent decline from 1999 when the United Workers Party was in Office.

He believes more emphasis needs to be placed on hydro development as well as water facilities.

Mr. John thinks a small hydro plant between 2-5 megawatts is safer and more realistic for Dominica.

He also suggested that the World Creole Music Festival (WCMF) be enhanced in such a way, that during the season, certain beverages can be branded with the WCMF logo and sold world- wide.

“Caribbean music including: steal pan, should be instilled in school programs and performed for visitors,” stated Mr. John.

The Opposition Leader is positive that the United Workers Party, if in power, will generate jobs for Dominicans.

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