Opposition calls for prior consultation before the PM travels on official business


Newly appointed Opposition Leader, Hector ‘Spags’ John believes that there should always be prior consultation before the Prime Minister leaves the island on official business. John’s statement came just hours after Prime Minister Skerrit addressed the nation on his recent trip to Africa, specifically Morrocco, Uganda and Libya.


‘I can see that the Prime Minister left Dominica without informing or consulting anyone on why he was traveling to the African Continent, where he broke contracts and made new agreements,’ said Hector John


The Opposition Leader called on the Prime Minister to reveal the details of the agreement which he signed with Morrocco and to inform the general public as to what Dominica has to give back to Morrocco in exchange of their assistance.


‘Why wasn’t there prior negotiation before his departure? How can the Prime Minister deliberate on a hotel without knowing in what location it will be constructed, or an official plan? He should have this information to bring with him on the trip to ensure that the people could see what he was talking about,’ said John, who also appealed to the Prime Minister to answer the many questions, asked about the establishment of new diplomatic relations with Morrocco.


‘I would like to know what’s in it for Dominica and more importantly, what’s in it for the Prime Minister? These are some of the questions we have to ask our leaders and would like answered,’ said the Opposition Leader.


He went to say ‘these ate the kind of agreements that really continue to cause problems and raise concerns like when he broke ties with Taiwan and established new relations with China on March 23rd, 2004. As far as I can see, these are secret deals which show total disrespect to the citizens of the Commonwealth of Dominica.’

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