Opposition Leader Speaks on OECS Assembly

The United Workers Party, the members of which constitute the Official Opposition in the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Dominica, state they are in full support of the recently inaugurated OECS Assembly.

They welcomed the Assembly as it creates the platform for discussing and facilitating constitutional, political and economic changes necessary for the successful development of Member States, and their successful participation in the Regional and Global economies.

UWP Leader Hector John

Leader of the UWP, Mr. Hector John says a number of leaders and opposition leaders of Caribbean government were present at the high level meeting.

Mr. John says when the leaders of countries and the leaders of the Opposition come together to represent the country as a whole, it is a way that may help eliminate all petty inter-island politics.

It also helps to discuss, consult and negotiate locally the opposition and government on national issues rather than the back and forth argument which occurs most of the time.

The Opposition Leader says the level of comradery and respect that was shown at the Inaugural meeting was very commendable, which set a high standard for parliamentarians in the Caribbean to step their game up in coming to such meetings and making meaningful presentations.

Mr. John says he hopes that the government will work better in the future to ensure he, the Opposition leader is informed in a timely manner of the full delegation attending such meetings, and come together to discuss matters of concern in a proactive and respectable manner.

He says if we harmonize the various sectors around the OECS it will make it much easier for the free movement of trade, people and employment generation in the region which is what the UWP is looking for and other countries of the OECS should work towards.

Mr. John said the Assembly executes its mandate in the interest of OECS Nationals; the UWP stands ready to work with all stakeholders towards the advancement of the Region.

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