Opposition Leaders discuss concerns at OECS meeting in St. Lucia

oecs-meeting.jpgMr. Hector John, along with political leader Mr. Edison James of the United Workers Party (UWP) were among leaders of the parliamentary opposition, in the member states of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), who met in St. Lucia on Friday May 4th to discuss issues relating to the operations of the OECS economic union.


In a press conference to discuss the outcome of the meeting, Mr. John says the meeting was a very good one in terms of involvement and participation, in discussing ways in which they can work together as a region.


Mr. John pointed out that the other OECS countries seemed more up to date, on information about the OECS economic union, the assembly, and other related matters.


He added that some of the other islands have went to parliament, to make provisions for the oecs economic union agreement, whereas Dominica only ratified it but have not brought it to parliament.


He went on to say that the other countries, have selected their delegates to attend the inauguration of the OECS Assembly, where as Dominica have not done so as yet.


UWP’s Political Leader Edison James says that, he would not like to see the Dominica delegation who will attend the assembly as government and opposition but as a national delegation.


Mr, James says this is why it is very important that, the government has dialogues with the opposition on a regular basis, so attending the OECS Assembly they will be united in their positions on the issues to be discussed.


Mr. James also said that elections are one of the issues they will be discussing at the assembly.


He went on to say that he has written to the Caricom Secretary General, pointing out the many challenges of government and opposition in the Caribbean, so that a forum can be held to examine and discuss this matter.


The organizers said, the meeting was also intended to keep alive the process of consultation, and public education which has been a feature of the economic union project.


It also addressed issues relating to the inauguration of the OECS Assembly in Antigua next month.

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