Opposition Says PM Ignoring Constitution

These were the words of Leader of the Opposition United Workers Party, Mr. Hector John in response to the actions of Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, to appoint Superintendent Daniel Carbon as Acting Commissioner of Police, without consulting the Opposition.

Mr. John says that neither he nor any other member of the Opposition United Workers Party, were ever contacted for consultation on the decision, to appoint Superintendent Carbon as the new Acting Police Commissioner.

Mr. John says Mr. Skerrit has repeatedly been breaking the laws of Dominica, and we Dominicans cannot continue to sit back and let him do what he wants like the country is his own.

He added that we cannot allow one man to disrespect the Constitution of Dominica at will, and it needs to stop.

He pointed out that Mr. Carbon was sworn to protect and serve, so if the Constitution is being violated to make him the Commissioner, he should ask himself a question, as to if he would like to be in that position, or lead by example and admit he was put in that position the wrong way.

Mr. John says that we as parents all want to raise our children the right way, and respect the law, and not lie, steal or cheat, but here we have one man disrespecting the law behaving like a gangster and we continue to be passive about it.

He added since all the ministers have been bought to be a part of the government, they are afraid to speak out on all the wrongdoings of Mr. Skerrit because of the fear of victimization.

He went on to say that the Head of State Mr. Skerrit should lead by example, however his actions are not of any example to follow.

Mr. John provided SAT TV NEWS with a copy of the letter Mr. Skerrit sent to him after the decision was made.

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