“Organic Vs. Conventional Food” – What Science Tells Us


“Organic food is no healthier than other produce, scientists say.”


Dr. Osmond Baron, a man of the soil from Grandbay launched his book entitled “Organic Vs. Conventional Food: What Science Tells Us” on July 27, 2011.


He addressed the constant issue of the food debate.


This author, a trained agricultural scientist, acknowledges the conclusion of nutritional and medical scientists that there is no evidence of a difference in nutrient quality between organically and conventionally produced foodstuffs.


This book uses facts of human food production systems and foods produced in the wild to show the inputs from each system will yield the same output in terms of nutritional content.


Dr. Baron’s book is not intended to showcase economic, environmental, or other benefits of organic versus conventional food production.


It holds no bias towards any of the food production methods, but is aimed at educating the consumer that different methods of natural food production yield the same output in nutritional quality based on what science tells us.


Written by Gail Sharplis



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