Organiser of the Mr. Caribbean Competition Downplays Stigma of Competition Being for Homosexuals

Mrs. Marie Mara-Antoinette, Organiser and Producer of Mr. Caribbean

Mrs. Marie Mara-Antoinette, Organiser and Producer of Mr. Caribbean

Organiser and Producer of the Mr. Caribbean competition, Mrs. Marie Antoinette-Mora is appealing to Dominicans to change their mindsets and to stop stifling the creative talents and expression of young persons.

Mrs. Antoinette-Mora in a very moving piece of literature condemned the portrayal of the pageantry being an event for homosexuals.

She noted that it was very difficult to obtain sponsorship for the staging of the event because of the negativity surrounding it.

“I’ve learn that we stifle creativity, talent and expression of our young men and then we wonder why there’s crime, delinquency, truancy and mayhem. …  “I’ve learned that a great idea is not even good if someone in authority isn’t in the mood.”

She voiced her disappointment with a decision by the University of West Indies, Open Campus and other institutions for higher education, not to issue a scholarship to the winner of the pageant.

“I admit I am a great sales persons but I admit I am not a good beggar. But I begged and I begged but you can only beg so much”, she said.

Subsequent to his crowing, Mr. Caribbean 2014, Nevis native, Kaydeen Tyson was reported to have said that he is ‘not gay’, relegating the stigma that is associated with the pageantry.

However, despite the negative atmosphere about the show it was considered an overall success.

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