Original Serenade plans to ‘bring back real music’ to their fans

While some persons may say that there can never be a replacement for the First Serenade Band, one man is saying that there is now an alternative; the Original Serenade Band!


Public Relations Officer of the Original Serenade Band, Mr Christopher Dangleben told SAT TV News that their decision to form this band is two-fold. He said that the band which is made up of seven of the ten First Serenade Band members plans to partner with several bouyon artists to bring back real music to Dominicans, while at the same time, represent Dominica in the music industry. The band has been in existence for about four years.


“The reason behind that is because we have seven of the ten members who once played with First Serenade Band and there are three new members who came from other bands from around the island. We do not want to claim the originality of First Serenade Band because we know that the band was formed by three different individuals; one of which is presently with us and is now that Band Leader. So, we are not claiming their originality, but we have just named the group Original Serenade because of the seven out of ten members who were previously former members of the First Serenade Band’ explained Dangleben.


On Father’s Day, the Original Serenade Band held an activity in the community of Pointe Michel which received good support from the general public. Mr Dangleben said that the band is scheduled to perform at a number of events this weekend.


“We will be taking part in the feast at Colihaut, we should be having an open-air activity there. We are scheduled to perform in Coulibistrie too and we will also be participating in the Band Splash at Bath Estate for Fete La Coudre”,  Dangleben announced.


The Original Serenade Band will be launching its debut album soon and is calling on the Dominican public to support them. Mr Dangleben said that the band members are optimistic that with much determination, they will soon share the stage with other bands at the Creole in the Park event, and eventually, the World Creole Music Festival.


“We look forward in anticipation for the Creole in the Park, Creole in the North, Creole in the East and the ‘Back to School’ event. We’ve done it before and we can do it again”, Dangleben concluded.


The band consists of some 10 members who play a wide genre of music including bouyon and compas.

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