Orion Academy Literacy Day

Students of the Orion Academy and their parents, showed a huge interest in Literacy Week on Wednesday 21st 2012.


English and Literature teacher Ms. Herina George says, the turn-put was superb.

Ms. George said the student’s parents as well as other adults came to the school to show their support and guide the student with their career choices.


They all gave comprehensible information about their careers and for those who were interested, TIPS were given on what attributes were required.


Student Kishawn Gumbs says, this report was rather interesting as well as beneficial.

Mr. Gumbs states, as he got further into the book, he felt like he became one of the characters.

He said the book inspired him and on a whole, it was an interesting project.

Another student Ms. Lirvana Jones Armor says, she doesn’t usually read however, this book caught her attention at the very first page.

“Not only did I have the support from teachers, I had the support from my mother also,” she said.

Ms. Armor said her mother was one of the parents who came to her school to speak to the students.

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