Orion Academy represents Dominica

Orion_Youth_Rally.jpgFourth Form students, Marissa Norris and Samara Burton, represented Orion Academy and in fact, the Commonwealth of Dominica, in an international effort to highlight the thoughts of children world-wide, on the issue of peace.


The International PeaceQuilt was conceptualized as a celebration of the London Olympics 2012. It aims to stitch together into one tapestry, the thoughts and pictorial illustrations on peace, by children from every country of the globe.


Each drawing was to include the completed sentence, “We all wish for peace because…………”.

The students chose to complete the sentence as follows: “We all wish for Peace because Harmony is not beyond our Reach”


Marissa and Samara have indeed represented Dominica well and are great Orion Ambassadors.

Principal Mrs. Anne Burton explained that Orion’s view on the subject of world peace is beautifully captured by the colorful, nationalistic images that the students wove together.


Their drawing depicts the island of Dominica on the globe, in all its mountainous majesty, with child-like figures, representing our Kalinago and predominantly Negro populations, standing close to our coastline.

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