Orion Academy to Celebrate a Milestone


Orion Students

The Orion Academy will celebrate ten years since its inception under the theme,” we are not just a school, we are a family”.

Ms. Queen Thomas a teacher at the school said they are trying to incorporate all activities throughout the year to be family oriented.

She highlighted the events that will be taking place on Friday April 26th, to commemorate the anniversary.

The total number of students who attend the Orion Academy is approximately 40 students; however Ms. Thomas explained that this is the required amount.

Maintaining a small student body is one of the founding principles of the school.

Each class maintains an average of nine students, which allows them to receive individual attention.

One of the benefits of having small student bodies is that it allows students to perform better academically.

Ms. Thomas highlighted some of the ways Orion Academy has improved since its opening ten years ago.


Ms. Queen Thomas, Teacher at the Orion Academy

The Students of the Orion Academy are taught to be well rounded individuals, by creating a balance between academics and holistic education; as they move forward into the future.




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