Orion Celebrates International Peace Day

It was all unity in mind as the students of the Orion Academy, located in Bath Estate came together to observe International Day of Peace on Friday September 21st.

School Administrator Ms. Ann Burton says they got involved in this project in April of this year, where they took part in an International peace quilt project.

Ms. Burton says that when the ring was formed, a picture was taken which they had to email to the International Peace Organization.

This picture will add to the pictures which were taken at exactly 12:00 noon that day all over the world, and will be put together to create hands of peace around the globe.

They also hosted a mini concert where each of the classes did a small presentation on peace.

One of the other activities they had on schedule was the creation of a mural by the art students in one classroom to create a ring of peace around the classroom.

Ms. Burton says it was very important that they recognized and celebrated the International Day of Peace, as they at Orion try to impart positive qualities to those that have been entrusted in their care.

The school Administrator also mentioned that though they always aim for academic excellence, they try their best to develop wholesome students, who will fit in very well into society and when they go onto the working world.

Soon the Orion Academy will be launching there service programme, as last year they did a dinner to raise funds for the Children’s Heart Fund and will hand over the funds generated in the launching of the service programme.

The Programme will involve trips to organizations such as the Alpha Centre, the Infirmary and the Roseau Primary School amongst others.

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